Wild West Wok

The Wild West Wok is heavy duty, made from 1/8″+ thick high carbon steel, (harrow disc), 20 inches in diameter, big enough to cook for a large group. You can set it directly on the coals of your campfire, or use a gas burner in the back yard.

It takes a while to heat up, but once up to temperature it holds heat well. It comes pre-seasoned, ready for a hot water wash and onto the fire. Cleanup is simple, hot water and a soft scrub brush or copper scrub pad for tough spots. A light coating of lard or vegetable shortening while still warm, then re-heat to smoking and allow to cool. Take care of it just like you would your prized cast iron pots and dutch ovens and it will serve you well for years.

Turner and fork forged from mild steel with a stainless blade are included.

$125.00 plus shipping.



  1. I am interested in the Wok. Not sure how to buy it on this sight. Please email me on how to order. Need in 7 days.

  2. My wok works great! Thank you for such beautiful work.

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