Flint ‘n’ Steel Firestarters

Firemaking with flint and steel dates back to Roman times and earlier.

My firesteels are forged from high carbon spring stock then hardened for lots of bright HOT sparks and annealed just enough so that if you happen to drop one on a rock it shouldn’t break.

Included is a hand forged firesteel, a shard of high quality flint, the edges of which can be easily knapped back to a razor sharp edge when they finally get dull from striking, a packet of charcloth for catching the sparks, and lengths of sisal rope and jute cord to make your tinder “bird’s nest”. All this is contained in a 3 inch round tin that takes up little room in your possibles bag or emergency pack. Instructions for starting a fire and also making additional charcloth are also included.

I make these in several styles, and since each one is handmade they will vary slightly from the ones in the photos. Also, since the flint is a naturally occurring material, chipped by hand from a large nodule, the size, shape, and color will vary.

If you like what you see you can e-mail questions or comments or for information about purchasing items to;


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$30.00 each including shipping. Since two will fit an a small USPS Flat Rate box why not order an extra for a spare or gift for a friend.


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