Fireplace Crane

Crane built for a new outdoor fireplace/barbeque.

With use cooking tools like the fireplace crane, tripod, fire irons, and roasting forks will “season” from the combination of heat and grease/oil.   If the tools are not going to be used for an extended period of time they should be stored indoors, or lightly coated with a film of “hard” grease like bacon grease or store bought lard to prevent rust.

If the tools do develop spots of rust from exposure scrubbing the grease in with an old stainless steel curly scrub pad like Chore Boy will minimize the appearance of the rust plus helping protect the surface from further oxidation.  Later use will cook the grease to a hard protective finish.  Treat your cooking equipment like you would a treasured old cast iron skillet.


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  1. Looking for a price on an 18″ extension fireplace crane.

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