60 Inch Campfire Tripod

60 inch tripod made from 1/2″ square stock, dropper hook from ring for adjustable chain and hook, or hang a trammel from the ring. Shown is my cooking setup with trammel and pot hooks holding my Bayou Classic 4 gallon jambalaya pot.

If you like what you see you can e-mail questions or comments or for information about purchasing items to;


Thanks for visiting

Tripod…$95.00 plus shipping

Trammel.$35.00 plus shipping (Currently out of stock)

Pot Hooks.$30.00 plus shipping



  1. i’m interested in purchasing one of your campfire tripods.

  2. I am interested in purchasing a trip pod as well, however, concerned about shipping cost. How much is shipping to Charlotte, NC?

  3. Interested in buying a tripod from ya please let me lnow thanx

  4. I’m looking to purchase your tripod this holiday season.

  5. How much is shipping? How much does the tripod weigh and trammel weigh ?

  6. i would like to buy a set – are you still selling them

  7. I like this product. Just a tip: If you wanna cook outdoors, use an iron or copper kettle on a tripod, and make a fire below with sticks. keep the kettle close enough to the fire. Throw meat into the kettle, and water, and boil the meat. Cooking time depends. You always use water to prevent the meat from getting burnt. Boiling food in water is the correct way to cook outdoors.

  8. Are all your tripods made in the same style or do any of them have twists on them . How do I purchase one ?

  9. I’m still waiting for info on the tripod I asked about last week.

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