Welded spoon

Oval 1/8″ thick “blank” forge welded onto 3/8″ square stock, then formed into the spoon bowl.  Shaping the bowl  gets  interesting.

First spoon


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  1. Good job, Yancey
    I found a little hatchet up at the cabin like the one at the top. I’d like to come visit and see how it’s done. I was watching Spike the other night and they had a contest between a Comanche Indian and a Mongol. The Mongol with his uwl? (long thing sword) sliced right through a hog’s carcass. Maybe that would be a fun thing to make. I like the way the Japanese make samurai swords. It’s really painstaking work. I will come see you in the fall. It’s too bloody hot in the Piedmont and lower mountains this year.
    See you, cuz.

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